L'Auberge is on the move and offers its catering services
for family or professional events.
Here are our suggestions
for a tailor-made meal...

Suggestions Aperitif dinner :

Plancha 1: -marinated beef and chicken assortment - wok vegetables

Plancha 2: 1 salmon, scallop and shrimp skewers - wok vegetables

Plancha 3: pan-fried liver, toasted bread and onion jam

Plancha 4: squab fillet

Plancha 5: herbal knives

Plancha6: octopus with Espelette pepper

The caravan
: Philippe faur's salted ice cream caravan and surprise accompaniment

Wok 1: Wok of prawns flambéed in whisky

Sork 2: Wok of shrimp with parsley

Wok 3: wok of quail legs

Please contact us for a quote and the full map.