Open every day except:

Saturday lunch, Sunday evening and Monday.

On reservation!


Our menu is served only
in the evening and on Sundays at noon.

During the week, at lunchtime, we serve our fast food formula at 18€.

This one is not offered
on holidays and school vacations

Our map

Menu at 36€, it always starts with the garbure

Garbure 6 €.

Our entries 14 €.

Beef tartar (French origin) our way.

Roasted Camembert cheese from Sesquières.

Carpaccio of matured meat (French origin).

Tête de veau (French origin), sauce ravigote.

Oysters of Olivier Soula, oyster farming on the Thau lagoon.

Organic Egg Meurette.

Cazaux (Arège) charcuterie board.

Our dishes 25 €.

Stuffed suckling pig (French origin), cooked on a spit.

Beef entrecote (French origin) braised.

Beef chuck (French origin) confit.

Scallops, leek cream and risotto.

Vegetarian risotto with seasonal vegetables.

Braised pork ribs (French origin) with Bistoufly sauce.

A la carte

Rib of beef (French origin) - 8€50 per 100gr

Matured prime rib from 2 to 6 months - 12€ per 100gr -

.origin and part to ask to the chief!

Chest of duck from Plantaurel to share (2 pers) 60€.

Raclette with Jean Faup's 1er cru cheese (2 pers) 65€.

By reservation, but you can always try your luck!

Our desserts 8€.

Millas de Philippe Ferré flambéed with amber rum.

Crème brûlée.

Board of cheeses of Ariège.

Moelleux au chocolat.

Giant profiterole.

Belle Hélène pear.

Children's menu at 16€.

Soup, country ham, duck confit, ice cream

Matured meat,

we select our beef pieces

among the best meat breeds.

Then after a stay in our maturing cellar,

we offer them to you by the cut.


is an integral part of

of the culinary and cultural traditions of the Ariège,

on reservation from November to April
to discover or rediscover

around a Raclette, a warm and friendly dish.



Cup of Blanquette de Limoux (Antech) 14cl 7€ (french)
Glass of Crémant de Limoux Rosé (Antech) 14cl 8€ (french)
Glass of Champagne 14cl 12€ (Antech)
Blond craft beer " La Brouche " 33cl 5€ (French)
Glass of wine 12,5cl 5€ (in French)
Muscatel, Sweet wine 10cl 6
Port, Hypocras 7cl 7€ (in French)
White or Red Martini 7cl 5€ (in French)
Ricard 4cl 5
Kir 12cl 6
Kir Gascon 12cl: blackberry cream, red wine, armagnac 8€ (French)


Mojito: rum, lime, mint, sparkling water 25cl 10€.
Pina Colada: rum, coconut milk, pineapple 25cl 10€ 10
Punch: rum, pineapple, mango, guava, orange 25cl 8€.
Gin Tonic :
- Gordon's gin, tonic water, lemon 20cl 8
- Etsu gin (Japan), tonic water, lemon 20cl 14
- Citadelle gin (France), tonic water, cucumber 20cl 12€.
- gin Bear (France), tonic water, lemon 20cl 15€ (French)
- Bayab gin (Africa), tonic water, cucumber 20cl 10€.
Dry martini : Citadelle gin, white martini, olive 10cl 11€.
Sangaree: Bayab gin, port, lemon, sugar 13cl 11€.
Lemon Drop : vodka, cointreau, limoncello (ariège) 12cl 11
Ginger Vodka : vodka, ginger tonic, ginger, lemon 25cl 10€.
Le Pardi : our local Spritz (natural) 25cl 10€.
Le Tropical : amber rum, exotic smoothie 30cl 12€.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Evian mineral water 1l 4€50 50cl 3€ - Mineral water
Sparkling water Badoit 1l 4€50 50cl 3
Apple juice 14cl 4€ (homemade)
Fruit juice: orange, pineapple 14cl 4€ 4
Fruit syrup 4cl 3
Lemonade, Iced tea 33cl 3€50

Alcohol-free cocktails

Virgin Punch 25cl €6
Virgin Mojito 25cl 6€ 6
Virgin Pina Colada 25cl 6€ 6
Florida: orange, lemon, grenadine 25cl 6€ 6
Fresh Smoothie: strawberry, orange, mint 30cl 7€ 7
Smoothie Boost: orange, carrot, mango, lemon 30cl 7
Ultra Violet Smoothie: strawberry, banana, blueberry 30cl 7
Tropical Smoothie: pineapple, mango, lemon 30cl 7


Rum 5cl
HSE 10 years old Martinique 11€ (in French)
Zacapa 23 Guatemala €8
JM XO Martinique €13
Maison Cholet Panama 13€ (in French)
La Factoria Gran Caribe €9
Depaz Cuvée Victor Martinique 12€ (French)
El Loro Dominican Republic 9€ (1)
Orava Dominican Republic 8€ (in French)
Clément AOC Martinique 15€ (French)
Whisky 5cl
Laphroaig 10 Islay Single Malt Scotland 11
Big Peat Islay Blended Scotch 8€ (in French)
Bastille Blend France €8
Mackmyra Bruks Sweden €9
Glenfarclas Single Malt Scotland €9
Bunnahabhain Islay Single Malt Scotland €12
Jura 12 Single Malt Scotland €13
Bastille Single Malt France €13
Kilchoman Islay Single Malt Scotland 10€ (£10)
Nikka Coffee bean Japan 9€ (in French)
Gin 5cl
Gin Bear France €14
Citadelle France €7
Bayab South Africa €8
Etsu Océan Japan 11€
Calvados Christian Drouin 9€ 5cl
Cognac Merlet 8€ (French)
Armagnac Mayrac 9€ (French)
Vodka Bear 12€ (French)
Servat Ariege brandy 8€ (French)
Cigalus grape brandy 10€ (in French)
Get 27 € 7
Manzana €7
Bailey's 7
Four citrus fruits liqueur Ariège 7
Limoncelle Ariège 7€ (French)

Wine list

Red wines 75cl

Domaine de Roquemale AOC Languedoc Lema AB 34€
Domaine Sergent AOC Madiran Les Noyers 34€
Le Montaltais IGP Ariège La Testut 34€
Domaine Coston AOP Terrasses du Larzac Les garigoles BD 45€
Domaine de Roquemale AOC Languedoc Les Terrasses AB 28€
Domaine de Roquemale AOC Languedoc Sans Sulfite AB 28€
Château Beaubois AOC Costières de Nîmes Élégance AB 27€
Château de Rey AOC Roussillon Sisquo 27€
Domaine de Longpré IGP Ariège AB 28€
Domaine Altugnac AOC Limoux Les Bons Hommes 30€
Commanderie de Pressan IGP OC La Garrigue 25€
La Jasse Castel IGP St Guilhen le désert 29€
La Dournie AOC St Chinian Etienne AB 28€
Domaine Ollier Taillefer AOC Faugères Réserve AB 30€
Mas Thélème AOC Pic St Loup Carpe Diem 45€
Pietri Geraud AOC Collioure Sine Nomine 35€
La Voulte Gasparet AOV Corbières Boutenac Romain Pauc 58€
Castelmaure AOC Corbières La Pompadour 29€
Borie de Maurel AOC Lminervois La Livinière La Féline AB 39€
Domaine Sarat d'en Sol AOC Fitou 31€
Château Coupe Roses AOC Minervois Granaxa AB 28€
Domaine d' Ansignan IGP Côtes Catalane Les Grenadines 26€
Domaine d'Engraviès IGP Ariège Roc des Maillols AB 28€
Château Bouscassé AOC Madiran 49€
Domaine du Bel Air AOC Bourgueil Jour de soif AB 35€
Château St Louis AOC Fronton AB 27€
Domaine de Borie Vieille AOC Gaillac Victorine 28€
Clos d'Audhuy AOC Cahors Le Malbec 40€
Domaine Combe du Loup AOC Chiroubles 34€
Domaine Bersan AOC Auxerres Pinot noir AB 51€
Cave Yves Cuilleron AOC Cornas 70€
Cave Yves Cuilleron AOC St Joseph 56€
Prieuré Lichine AOC Margaux 73€
Château Cap St Martin AOC Blaye 27€
Château Guillemin AOC St Emilion Grand cru La Gaffelière 64€
Château Magence AOC Graves Grand Vin 48€
Château Coupe Roses AOP Minervois Vin Nature-BIO dynamie BD 28€

The Natures wines 75cl

Château coupe roses AOC Minervois Karts 33€
no intrans - Bionynamics - no sulfite, no yeast, no exogenous

Rosé wines 75cl

Domaine de Roquemale AOC Languedoc Les Cistes AB 25€
Ollier Taillefer AOC Faugères Les collines AB 25€

White wines 75cl

Château Beaubois AOP Costières de Nîmes Élégance AB 27€
Nicolas Therez IGP Limoux Petit Louis AB 27€
Château de Rey AOC Roussillon Sisquo 26€
Domaine la Dournie IGP Pays d'Herault AB 25€
Maison Pabiot AOC Poully Fumé Elisa AB 55€
Domaine Bersan AOC Chablis AB 46€
Cuilleron AOC St Joseph Lyseras 54€
Carrel VDF Morillon blanc 27€

The small formats

The Whites

Domaine Bordenave AOC Jurançon Sec Souvenirs d'enfance 37,5cl 14€
Domaine Bordenave AOC Jurançon Moelleux Plaisirs partagés 37,5cl 17€
Château Beaubois AOC Costières de Nîmes Expression AB 37,5cl 14€
Domaine Ollier Taillefer AOC Faugères Allegro AB 50,0cl 19€

Rosé wines

Château Beaubois AOC Costières de Nîmes Expression AB 37,5cl 13€
Domaine Ollier Taillefer AOC Faugères Les collines AB 50cl 16€
Les Hauts de Masterel AOC Provence 50cl 16€

The Reds

Château Beaubois AOC Costières de Nîmes Expression AB 37,5cl 14€
Château Viella AOC Madiran 37,5cl 18€
Château Barrejat AOC Madiran 50cl 17€
Domaine Ollier Taillefer AOC Faugères AB 50cl 16€
Château de Rey AOC Roussillon 50cl 16€

The Champagnes

André Delaunois Premier Cru 61€
Ayala Brut Majeur 81€
Ayala Blanc de blanc 2014 136€

Les Blanquettes 75cl

Domaine Antech AOC Limoux Emotion Rosé 27€
Domaine Antech AOC Limoux Tradition 26

Net price - Taxes and service included - Auberge d'Antan - 05 61 64 11 02
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AB Agriculture biologique - BD BIO Dynamie Demeter - AOC Appellation d' origine contrôlée
VDT vin de table - VDF vin de France - AOP appellation d'origines contrôlées -




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