Georgette d'or: the festival of Ariège flavours and products


Yannick Bartet (Auberge d'Antan) received the Golden Georgette from Gérard Bertrand, the patron of the 2016 edition (top). Marie-José Bru and Didier Lamotte, ex-aequo in the gastronomic category /Photos DDM, Ar.P.

It was in the magnificent setting of the Château de Foix, bathed in a full moon, that the Georgette d'Or prize-giving ceremony took place.

The Ariège restaurant competition once again allowed the 23 participating chefs to express their creativity using local products. During the competition it was indeed a celebration of the flavours and products of the Ariège.

"A great land of tradition" to which Gérard Bertrand paid tribute. The winegrower and former rugby player from Narbonne, godfather of the 2016 edition of the Georgette d'or, did not fail to salute the Ariegeois as great ambassadors of Languedoc wines.

For this evening, the organizers put the small dishes in the large ones in an historical environment with troubadours of the Middle Ages but also the musketeers of the blades of Ariège. These events took on their full dimension in the setting of the castle.

Philippe Huertas, president of the UMIH recalled the importance and weight of the sector in the departmental economy with 2000 direct and seasonal jobs. In his turn, Bernard Garcia, creator of the Georgette d'or, praised the local mobilisation for the organisation of this medieval evening and underlined the importance of tourism turned towards events.

A ball that Henri Nayrou, the president of the departmental council, took up: "La Georgette (the cutlery) is making a buzz at national level. Our region knows how to innovate, surprise and conquer. And this is just the beginning. "80,000 visitors to the castle is too few for such a place. The project around the governor's palace (the former court) should allow us to install an internal lift, to install a fun museography" worthy of this great site. "We have to get 100,000 visitors," said Henri Nayrou, before setting out his ambitions for event tourism around the castle. A territory, a place, products, flavours... Ariège has the assets to attract a growing number of visitors and tourists.

Awards 2016

Bistros and wine bars. 1. Le Comptoir de Montaswin. Montardit. Gabriel Noblecourt. 2.Noste Courtiu.Orgibet. Héloïse Mesplède. 3. L'Auberge des Troubadours. Roquefixade. Jennifer Parker-Brown.

Traditional restaurants. 1. L'Auberge d'Antan. Saint-Girons. Laurent Bubola. 2. Le Domaine de Garabaud. Mazères. Eric Baudou. 3 . La Patate qui fume. Montségur. Stéphanie Saint Léger.

Gastronomic tables.1.the Phoebus. Foix. Didier Lamotte. Les Sapins. Nalzen. M.-J. Bru.2.l'Auberge Pierre Bayle. Carla Bayle. Fernand de Oliveira. 3La Petite Auberge de Niaux: Séverine Artigue.